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Christmas Plays
Dad's Christmas Miracle

Connor Murphy wants a go-cart for Christmas in the worst way. And that's how he sets out to get it. Miss McLaughlin, his teacher, really gums up the works when she hands out report cards just before the Christmas break. "This is a sock and underwear card if ever there WAS one", he tells Tater, his best friend. But Connor tells the audience all his plans in advance so we know, or think we know, what's coming up. Sometimes he even shows us his day dreams, from Dad getting up in class and reading his theme on "What I Got For Christmas" to having a Greek Chorus blame him for messing up the school pagaent. Hysterical situations abound in this Christmas memory when "the BEST time in the whole world was Christmas!"

Easy flexible sets 5m 5w

Published by Dramatic Publishing.

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