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Christmas Plays
The Last Stop Til Christmas

“On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me a partridge in a pear tree,” sings ANGELA as she waits for a bus.   The only other person on the bench looks at her as if she’s lost her mind.  But not her, not ANGELA – she knows the true meaning of the holiday.  Others arrive, all waiting for the bus, and all with their own problems.  MR. And MRS. LOUDMOUTH who constantly argue over her mother, the SHOPPER with way too many presents left to buy, the long suffering MOTHER with her BRAT who wants everything in sight, all of them in a hurry for Christmas to be over.  Only ANGELA feels they are missing the best part of the yuletide season, “the joy, the cheer, the color”.  Just when the others have about had all they can take, suddenly two city workers place a Christmas tree near the bus stop.  Then ANGELA takes out an ornament and makes a deal with the others.  “Just make a wish and hang this on the tree…and your wish will come true.”  The others think she has really lost her mind… until one of them tries it and his wish DOES come true!  Full of the spirit of Christmas, this funny and warm-hearted one-act is full of oddball characters and situations and calls for one easy set with a cast of 20 with extras if needed.  And your audience will, indeed, find out what REALLY happens on THE LAST STOP ‘TILL CHRISTMAS. 

A play in one act, published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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