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Those Crazy Comedies!
You Can't Beat the House

"I've had trouble breaking INto a house before but this is the first time I've had problems breaking OUT again!"  So moans Merle to his partner, Howie.  These two minor league burglars have really met their match this time, it seems.  The thing is they decided on a house only to find, after managing to get into the place that it's up for sale!  Now if this wasn't bad enough, before they can leave, Conrad and Glenda, prospective buyers, show up.  So here, Merle figures, they have two choices - either pretend to be real estate agents or beat it, making the buyers suspect them and call in the police.  Okay, so Merle begins to show the house while Howie ducks out to get the car.  NOW the REAL real estate agent shows up and Merle has to juggle the couple and the agent.  Finally, just after Merle gets rid of the realtor and is about to show the door to Conrad and Glenda, Howie arrives with the news that their car has been towed away.  Okay, so while Merle is now trying to figure out what happened to the car a cop shows up, saying the police are looking for two suspicious characters in the neighborhood.  Next in the parade of oddball characters is Conrad's secretary, then Glenda's mother, then her Medium, Madame Zenobia.  Oh, yeah!  The place, it turns our, is haunted!  This screwball comedy is one wise-crack after another and proves once again that You Can't Beat The House. 

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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