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Christmas Plays
Scrooge Has Left The Building

It’s Christmas time.  The old man sits in his sitting room eating his porridge.  Just then MARLEY bursts in and begins to rattle his chains, scaring the man half to death.  You all know the story…or do you?  “I have come to save you from a horrible fate, Ebenezer Scrooge!” Marley shrieks.  “I’m not Scrooge!” the man points out.  “He moved!”  Sure enough, Marley is at the wrong house.  Not only the wrong house but on the wrong night.  “This is Christmas eve EVE,” the old man tells him.  “I’m sorry, I’ve been dead!”  Marley alibis.  Then the other three ghosts show up. “Will you hurry, we’re starting to pile up out here!” one yells at him.  From here on it’s every ghost for itself in this not-so-well known tale of what Marley and his spectral friends were doing on the night BEFORE they met Scrooge.  The lines fly fast and furious as the Ghosts argue among themselves; Spirits outside the old man’s window keep doing Christmas Carols and Marley tries to keep everything quiet.  “You’re going to get another chain for this!” one Ghost threatens him.  And then the Missus shows up wielding a rolling pin and scares the scarers!  

This fresh look at the characters from the Dickens puts a new spin on an old story.  Done with one easy set and a cast of 6 – 4 men and 2 women – this hysterical farce show just what can happen when you have too many ghosts, bad timing and how they deal with the fact that Scrooge Has Left The Building.

Published by Eldridge Plays & Musicals.

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