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Those Crazy Comedies!
Bulldog Saves the Day or I Was the Teacher's Pitt

We've all seen it time and time again - the Heroine, LULLABY F. BROADWAY is in peril at the hands to the Villain, Big Harry Deal, and in rushes the Hero to save her.  However, this is where our show begins!  LULLABY then bows and announces she is leaving the stage to become a teacher in the old West.  Where she ends up is the oddball town of Wharzis.  "Whenever somebody new comes to town, they always ask 'Where's 'is?  So we named the town that!", CARA MEL TURTLE explains.  However, LULLABY has a secret - she is looking for her long-lost father.  "Mother just can't remember where she put him," she tells the audience.  But then she finds out that the last teacher was run out of town because it was discovered she was once an ACTRESS!  Now, Lullaby has TWO secrets.  As is this isn't bad enough, Big Harry Deal shows up, threatening to 'blow her cover' and proposing at the same time.  She, however, has fallen head-over-heels for Sheriff Delong Goodnight.  Harry tries everything to get her to leave town, from haunting the schoolhouse to trying to blow it up.  Add to the mix town gossips, an absent-minded janitor and a growling Mayor and soon she finds herself on trial!  So it is up to the class bully, Bulldog Bishop, to help her out.  Puns and wisecracks fill this fast-paced, riotous mellerdrama and it is up to Bulldog to save the day.

One set, cast of 21, this show published by Pioneer Drama Service.


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