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Those Crazy Comedies!
The Hitchin' Post

Everybody knows that whatever you need, you can find it at Hurley Squonk’s “Hitchin’ Post” general store.  Run by Hurley himself, who is always behind the counter, this sort of ‘everything store’ not only carries a wide variety of items but also attracts some mighty strange folks.  There’s Pinch Burdett, who spends all his time hawking his wife’s jams and making up stories to confuse any stranger that comes his way.  Or Lyge Daugerfield and Purdy MacKendrick (he’s something of a ‘mamma’s boy’) who’re pick today to elope.  This seems like an odd idea to Mrs. Bastrop, who got thrown out of the town’s softball tournament for throwing spit-balls, but seems SO romantic to Gloria (everybody calls her “Glow Worm”) Pinkham who’s a movie buff and camps out at Hurley’s magazine stand.  And just after Sheriff Bumgarden has left the place, who should show up but Lyge’s mother, the overbearing and pompous Elmira Daugerfield?  And, as if this weren’t more than enough for Hurley, Roy and Earl burst in to hold up the store!  Only their pistol turns out to be a water gun, so they leave and come back with a sack in which they have another weapon, only half-way through the hold-up…well, it gets a little confusing here. 

Written by the same author who gave you “Barbecuing Hamlet” and “Frankenstein, Together Again!”, this hilarious slice of life in a Texas town will keep you in stitches and wanting to come back again and again to visit Hurley’s General Store.  Does it have a happy ending?  Anything is possible at the The Hitchin’ Post. 

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.


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