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Whodunnit Murder Mysteries!
Murder's Bad But Monday Can Kill You!

Harry's back! That same Sam Spade wannabe in a trench coat and gum shoes is hot on the case. Or, as he puts it, "Let's get down to the nitty and maybe we'll all have pie for dinner". Is he in over his head? Of course! Especially when he checks out a murder at a psychiatric hospital and finds out all the residents have multiple personalities! "As I understand it," he complains, "one guy can murder another one with an accomplice and two witnesses and they can all be the same person." This wise cracking whodunnit is a tribute to the film noir private eye flicks of the forties and will have you guessing until the final red herring is cooked. During intermission the audience can go over all the evidence and make notes for themselves.

1 Interior 5m 5w

Published by Dramatic Publishing.

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