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Whodunnit Murder Mysteries!
Murder Runs In the Family

Join the ranks of the totally insane in a comedy that's filled with one liners. Heather Pallfeather hires private eye Jack Sparks to act as her fiance' at the reading of her late father's will. "But did he kick the bucket or did somebody kick it for him?" Jack wants to know. He finds himself in a cuckoo's nest of suspects and spend all his time either getting flipped over the sofa by the long lost daughter or getting lost in a really big closet. "This ain't a closet, it's a mall!" People keeps dropping off and the Lights keep blowing in the midst of (what else) a raging thunderstorm. It's enough to make Jack wish he had his old job back writing greeting cards.

1 Interior set 5m 7w

Published by Eldridge Plays and Musicals.

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