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Whodunnit Murder Mysteries!
Who's Dying To Be a Millionaire?

"Answer this next question and win a million dollars!", exclaims Reginald Smarmy, oily host of an afternoon quiz show, whereupon the contestant correctly answers the question…and is immediately murdered! For some reason, the rest of the contestants become a bit nervous after this. If someone gets the right answer, are they then murdered? Director Clovis Darnell has her hands full dealing with police chief, Jesse Marlowe, who is trying to cancel the show and studio vice president Joyce Mansfield, who is keeping it on the air. Add to this, a suspicious blackmailing phone call to show writer Mac Rooney, the arrival of Sally Dean Riviera, a rival show host who's after Reginald's job, a dithering Mayor Bertha Hoggens, who arrives complete with a star-struck city council and Sofie Mondello, who confesses to everything and you’ve got all the farcical ingredients for one oddball murder mystery! So, it's up to stage manager Denny Perkins to solve the crime, in between dates with newspaper editor Henry Pomeroy. And contestants are dropping as fast as the wisecracks in this fast paced, riotous send up of quiz shows, small town politics and human nature in general. After all, what would you say if someone asked you, "Who's Dying to be a Millionaire?"

Published by Pioneer Drama Service.

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