Christmas Plays
The Ghost of Christmas Presents

Who needs a little Christmas spirit?  TAYLOR, that’s who.  He works at "Wallace and Sons" department store in, of all places, the exchange/ complaint department.  And here, a week before Christmas, all the returns have started; the Christmas parties having already begun.  Unfortunately, TAYLOR'S sour demeanor is matched and, in most cases, overpowered by those in line to get their money back.  Mr. CARLISLE, the manager, has his eye on TAYLOR and figures he needs something to help remind him of the Christmas spirit.  Just when all those carping customers get too much for him TAYLOR quits and is just about to walk out the door when MA enters.  "Everybody calls me 'Ma'," she tells him, and  proceeds to enforce the store policy of having 'happy customers' by a series of almost miraculous events.  Suddenly, some people realize they didn’t really want to return some gifts after all while others find themselves singing carols.  Magicians appear and long smoldering loves come to the surface.  In short, TAYLOR witnesses and becomes a part of the wonder and joy of the yuletide season, all because of ‘MA’.  But just who IS MA, anyway?


This hilarious and warm-hearted show calls for a cast of 20, 7 men and 13 women, along with Extras, and is easy to stage.  This is one holiday yarn that shows what it’s like to enjoy a visit from “The Ghost of Christmas Presents”. 


Published by Pioneer Drama Service